Stages of writing and correction

Our cooperation with the client is carried out in the following way:

– preparation of the price offer with the proposal of the subject and work plan,

– acceptance of the offer by the client,

– order execution,

When writing a job, as well as after writing it, we provide free of charge the opportunity to make corrections, and the client pays only after receiving a partially written study. Payments are made in several installments.

If you have a work plan approved by the promoter, please send it to us and then we will prepare a price offer for you.

At the client’s request, we can also prepare a proposal for the topic and work plan.

If you have questions, send a message to our consultant.

Improving the work

Do you have a partially written job?

The promoter returned the work to be corrected?

Send us a job. Write what corrections should be made and when.

After a short analysis of the text, our consultants will prepare a proposal to improve or edit your work.

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